Friday, 8 May 2009

Kuay teow goreng basah

Made this for breakfast and lunch boxes of Mama, Papa and Aiman today. Others do not bring their lunch boxes as they have been begging Mama to pay for school dinner today. Why Friday? Cos Friday is pizza day in school. So Mama had to dig out 5.25 pounds from my purse. Sekali sekala bagi can kan. Boring jugak hari2 makan makanan sejuk kan? At times when I get bored with my own cooking, I would sneak out to Birm U Medical School Cafe for Halal Jerk Chicken or chicken curry. Well I can tell you the chef is quite good. Perhaps one day I can bring you kids for lunch there but this is not a promise yea.

Resepi from Kak Asmah Juri of Dawlish Road. Thanks Kak Asmah, terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali jemput lagi..hehe...

1. Fry 10 crushed garlic(memang pakai banyak garlic), then add chilli powder.
2. Add beef and fry till tender. Add water/ beef stock. Add kuay teow and prawns.
3. Add kicap manis, oyster sauce, a bit of garam.
4. Add eggs, taugeh, done.


  1. Salam Diny. Semakin meriah you memasak eh? Oh ya, happy mother's day. On this day, you dpt pelepasan dari memasak tak? :-)

    What's cooking for your beloved big baby's birthday?? Ahaks.

  2. CS, Kalau U nak tahu, supermum tak pernah dapat pelepasan memeasak, nak rasa big baby masak lagilah jauh panggang dari api, hehehh...

    birthday big baby buat pulut kuning segera and kek coklat jer..pulut masuk rice cooker, masuk santan, garam, tekan butang tett 20 min siap, sonang ajo....

    btw heppy mother's day ye, UK punya mother's day bulan 3 dulu

  3. Lezat mantap kuay teownya.