Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Afif masuk wad

It has been ages since I last updated my blog. Suddenly felt the urge of popping into my blog today and how I realised that I should continue writing, well at least it is nice to go down the memory lane and seeing photos of my kids growing..
Yesterday, 21st Feb 2012, as I was about to start studying and writing my thesis, my mobile rang. It was an emergency call from Rose, my good friend in Selly Oak. Her voice sounded very panicky, telling me that Afif, her son was vomiting out blood, quite massive. I tried to get some history over the phone and tried to cool her down. Sounded that the bleeding might originate from a heavy nose bleed. I quickly changed into my jeans, ran down stairs and knocked on WH's door and requested that she came with me to Rose's house. WH is a new friend who just came to pursue PhD in Ophthalmology in Birmingham. Glad that she was here. Really enjoyed her company, a dedicated and eloquent young ophthalmologist whom I believe will go far in her career and her life, insyAllah. At 11.30 am, we arrived at Birmingham Children's Hospital with Rose and her two kids. Afif was seen by the doctor after 2 hours of waiting. I managed to drive home to get Rose and WH their lunch. At 6 pm, Afif was admitted to the observation ward to be reviewed by ENT doctors on the next day. Afif was discharged on the next day after cauterization of his nasal cavity. Alhamdulillah Odie, WH and I were there to visit and we brought Rose and kids home safely. Ramli, Rose's hubby arrived from Germany at 6.30 pm today. Night time, 6.30 pm, had a call from the hospital, telling me to collect the medication for Afif as soon as possible and yet, it was time for me to fetch my kids from tuition. Soon after, Epit called saying that she was at the hospital, just the right person to take the medication. subhanallah, maha suci Allah yang telah mempermudahkan segalanya. Whoever ease the difficulty of others, Allah will ease their difficulties..I truly believe in that and it is happening right in front of my eyes.
Today, I also learn the power of true friends, how ukhwah fillah brings us close together. Allah mentarbiyah kita setiap hari..cuma adakah kita termasuk dalam golongan org2 yg berfikir...wallahua'lam.

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